Making Room at Meals for Fish Oil

One of the most common complaints that I get from my kids about fish oil supplements is that they are just a pain in the neck. I know, I know: it can be pretty hard to take that five seconds to swallow your fish oil supplements at each meal. But for some reason, m… Lire la suite

Keeping Hair Healthy With Omega 3 Fish Oil

I envy those hair-color models on television. Their hair is so thick and lush, and the color is so bright and vibrant. Even at its best, I don't think that my limp, mousy hair can really compete - oh, and last time I dyed it blond it broke off in my hands for … Lire la suite

7 Best Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo

Do you have a new Alexa device? It might be the Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Dot, or the Amazon Tap. The Amazon Echo has earned tremendous acclaim since its launch last year. It's important to know the features of your new smart assistant. That's how you c… Lire la suite

Words Add More Weight Than Calories

Words make you fat. My work with hypnosis long ago taught me the power of words. I've changed lives, removed fears, eased pain, and helped people to lose weight. I did all of that using nothing more than words. But words have so much power they can harm as w… Lire la suite

What to Do When Your World Overwhelms You

It's really strange how our emotions seem to control our lives. Well... perhaps not so much our lives, but how we feel about our lives. You can be sailing along quite happily and then suddenly a big storm appears out of nowhere - just didn't see it coming … Lire la suite

Are You One Of The 1 In 5?

A recent report from the Mental Health Foundation suggests that 1 in 5 of us feels anxious a lot or all of the time. The majority of this group (60%) are experiencing anxiety on a daily basis. Understandably, young people (exams and school work pressure perhaps) a… Lire la suite

Tips for Dealing With a Bully

Some people are bullies. It may not be their intention: they may be stressed, angry, feeling insecure, angry or threatened. Whatever their reasons, the fact is that when we find ourselves faced with a bully we may struggle in how to proceed. We may need a little a… Lire la suite

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